Reclaimed Wood Shelf board for Table Top

Shelf board, Table top plate, Plank

This plank is an old lumber that can be a material to make a top board such as a table by using as a shelf board itself or bonding boards together.
Old pine board with properly thickness.
Product Number: Brown board CT-BB
Size: Thickness Approximately 30-40mm×Width Approximately 150-200mm×Length Approximately 850-1,800mm
Wood species: Soft wood such as pine tree
Painting: Non-painted

Glue Edge Table Top

The upper floor of over 150-year old barn used to be hay warehouse. A board such as pine and hemlock is about 50mm-thick was used for floors. We carefully took off this thick board, sanded the surface and glued the edge of few boards to reproduce it as a material for table top. The toughness on the surface and the natural curve are its special uniqueness.
  • Glue Edge Table Top
  • Glue Edge Table Top
  • Glue Edge Table Top
  • Glue Edge Table Top
Product Number: CT-CW
Size: Thickness Approximately 25mm or 50mm×Width Approximately 910mm×Length Approximately 2,300mm
Wood species: Pine, Hemlock, etc.
Painting: Sanding (Slightly)・Non-painted