Story of Vintage Wood

Old lumber (Vintage wood) by Oyama Lumber Corporation

Old lumber (Vintage wood) that we sell is naturally aged over 100 years, salvaged from old barns and warehouses across North America and Canada. We harvest wood from mainly barns/structures used for construction that may have outlived their usefulness but ready for new life. Our products are carefully hand selected and designated for its most suitable use. These beautiful raw materials charged with history are now hard to find in many places. Years of weathering, footsteps were done to our reclaimed vintage wood making them denser and stronger yet they require additional care when taking them down from structures. We ask a group of Amish people near our demolition sites to do that sensitive work for us.

~What is Amish~

Amish are a group of traditionalist Christian church fellowships with Swiss German Anabaptist origins. The Amish avoid certain modern technologies and maintain a lifestyle without any electronic devices and/or other conveniences because they believe adapting to those new technologies are against their beliefs. With great partnership with this local Amish we delegate part of our most important job, reclaiming old lumbers from the demolition site. They use a carriage to come to the old barns/structures, which has ended its first purpose getting ready for new life. Barns and structures are taken down one by one by their hands and those reclaimed woods lived through severe climate, making them denser and tough but require delicate attention when being taken down to pieces. Each reclaimed wood is very unique and cannot be reproduced nor artificially recreated. Our Vintage Wood has been naturally aged for at least 100 years resulting to very rich worn texture, coloration and unmatched exclusive beauty and great for countless applications with its superior quality.